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My design style is opulent elegance. It naturally translates well in both contemporary and traditional interior design. 


I believe your personal home environment must bestow a sense of inner calm, astonishment and wonderous contentment. It should feel exclusive and reflect exquisite taste.


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I offer a personal individual service of interior design. 


It can be one room at a time, the whole project whilst you live on site, or completed before you move into your new home.


I can be involved with master planning the entire project or working alongside your architect and construction company.


I’ve created intelligently considered minimal lofts on the River Thames, grand traditional houses in Chelsea, modern high design apartments across London, and breathtaking elegant period salons in Paris.


In addition to residential spaces I’ve designed bars, a nightclub and other commercial spaces.


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Tel: 020 3643 5476

No. 4   1 Old Royal Free Place   Islington   London   N1 0YJ

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